LEKI at Open Air

LEKI produce some of the best, most innovative and user friendly products in their market.

They combine history and engineering expertise to constantly improve their products. Always market leaders who have many potential imitators, but are never left behind by their competitors.

Open Air have stocked LEKI products for over two decades and we have always been impressed by the design and quality of LEKI products, season after season. So much so that the only poles we now stock are LEKI.

We work closely with the UK distributor of LEKI products, Ardblair Sports Importers, to keep stock of the myriad spare parts for trekking and Nordic Walking poles, We use our extensive experience of the demands of UK customers to reinforce the confidence that consumers have in this iconic brand.



Spare parts for LEKI Ski Products: Open Air do not sell any ski-specific products and we are unable to offer advice or spares for LEKI ski poles. Please contact your local ski specialist for the supply of relevant parts.


The History of LEKI

1948 - Karl Lenhart created LEKI Lenhart GmbH as spin-off from his family wood processing factory. He produced wooden letters used by bakeries and butchers.
As an avid skier he started using his production facilities to manufacture handles and baskets for ski poles.

1970 - Started combining his manufacturing expertise to make a range of aluminium shafted ski poles.

1974 - Development of the Classic Locking system and production of the first, still recognisable, 3 part telescopic adjustable trekking pole.

1974 - Introduction of the Flextip which has gone on to become the worldwide standard

1982 - Introduction of Antishock spring systems.

1984 - Klaus Lenhart - Karl's youngest son - succeeds his father at the company's helm.

1993 - Introduction of Cortec grips.

2002 - Introduction of poles specifically for Nordic Walking.

2003 - Introduction of new Easy Lock System and Soft Antishock.

2009 - Aergon grips introduced with their safety release straps.

2010 - The first Speedlock external lever locking systems introduced.

2013 - Micro Stick compact folding poles introduced.

2014 - Lever locking systems for elite athletes introduced with Speedlock 2 .

All this, along with accolades and awards from the outdoor industry, plus innumerable consumer awards and "Best in Tests", combined with their prowess as a high profile supplier of ski poles for professional and leisure skiers alike, LEKI have an undisputed reputation as the leader in their field.