Guide To Selecting Replacment Pole Sections

With a little care and maintenance LEKI poles should give many years of trouble free use. If poles require replacement parts due to wear and tear or accidental damage LEKI maintain a policy of supplying essential parts for a minimum of ten years from the date of manufacture.

Selecting the correct replacement  section for your trekking pole.
The upper section of the pole usually has all the information you need to identify your pole printed in the graphics. For many years all LEKI trekking poles were called Makalu, e.g. the "Makalu Cortec AS" was a trekking pole with a cork covered handle with AntiShock.
Any codes or heiroglyphics printed on the pole section are batch codes and do not help identify the pole section.

If, having read the information below, you are unable to find a match for your damaged or lost section, please email an image of the pole, showing any broken parts, to . If possible place a tape measure alongside any damaged sections to help us identify the correct part.

Diameter of Sections:
Most Ultralight poles announce themselves as such in their graphics. These use 12mm lower and 14mm mid sections. Standard poles (also previously known as Premium or Super) have 14mm lower sections and 16mm middle sections.

Still not sure if your pole is Standard or Ultralight? Click to see our "foolproof" method of identification.

Ultralight SuperLockSytem poles will usually have a green expander on the lower, narrowest section and a blue expander on the middle section. Standard poles have a Blue expander on the lower section and a Black one on the middle section.

Poles not shown as Ultralight are "Standard" and use 14mm lower and 16mm mid sections. SuperLockSytem Standard poles have a blue expander on the lower section and a black expander on the middle section.

NOTE: These dimensions are NOMINAL sizes and are rounded up for convenience. For the engineers out there we have measured the sizes as:
12mm = 11.6mm
14mm = 13.6mm
16mm = 15.7mm
This dimension can vary slightly due to the various finishes applied to the tubing.

Length of Sections:
The LEKI measurement for the length of the section is the dimension of the aluminium tubing part only, excluding the locking systems, antishock mechanism and Flextip. We also provide a measurement of the approximate overall length of the section (NOTE: This is approximate and can vary slightly from section to section due to the position of the locking system, wear of the tip, etc).

Poles featuring antishock often use a different size lower section to non-AS poles so if your pole says either Soft Anti Shock (SAS) or Triple Spring System (TSS) then please take care to order the appropriately sized sections.

Lower sections are supplied as pictured, complete with the Carbide Flextip. New baskets can be purchased; see the Accessories section of this website.

Sections not listed for your pole?
We stock, and list here, the sections that we get requests for reasonably regularly (at least once per year, or so!). There are many more sections available for less common poles. If your pole section is not listed we may be able to obtain it for you.

Warranty Replacements
If you think your pole has failed while under warranty and was not purchased through this website, or at Open Air in Cambridge, then please consult the retailer that supplied the poles.

 LEKI Speedlock 2

Speedlock 2 poles are similar to Speedlock 1, but with a silver metal collar and a smaller adjuster nut without a slot across it.

LEKI Speedlock 1



Speedlock 1 Poles use a black plastic collar with a locking lever adjusted by a slotted translucent nut.

LEKI Super Lock



Super Lock System (SLS)  most poles have this printed either near to one end of the upper section. SLS is the newer system and has replaced ELS. ELS and SLS systems are interchangeable. Certain sections will only be available in the ELS system.

LEKI Classic Lock



Classic system poles use hard plastic expanders on a pointed screw threaded stud.