Are my poles Standard or Ultralight?

Being unsure whether a pole is made from Standard size tubes or the slightly smaller Ultralight ones is the biggest single reason for our customers not getting their order for spare parts correct first time.

We have discovered a foolproof method for determining which type of pole you have which will work for any three-part LEKI pole even if they are so old that all the graphics have rubbed off the upper section.

   1. Remove the lower section completely from the rest of the pole. The top and middle sections should be left assembled.

   2. Turn the lower section round and insert the black plastic Flextip in to the exposed end of the middle section.

If the Flextip can only be inserted a short way in to the middle section you have an Ultralight pole

If the Flextip goes easily in to the middle section, right up to the basket, without any effort being applied, you have a Standard full size pole.


This identification method works whichever locking system the pole has, provided the pole has three sections (i.e. an upper section with the grip on it, plus an adjustable middle and lower section. This also applies to the Wanderfreund series of walking sticks.

Ladies poles use the same diameter pole sections as Ultralight poles, but with shorter length sections. Their locking system parts are identical.


If the lower section with its flextip has been lost, and the pole is not one of a pair, the help another friendly LEKI owner will be required. If your friends have some other make of poles (you'll have to ask why!) we cannot guarantee that this method of identification will work.



Standard or Ultralight